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Oral Surgery At The Abbey

Advanced Procedures with minimal discomfort

We undertake advanced oral surgery procedures in a modern and relaxed setting.
We accept patients directly, or referred from their own dentist.


What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery includes the removal of impacted and buried teeth or roots that your own general dentist may not be able to treat.

Our oral surgeons use modern minimally traumatic techniques to remove teeth safely with optimum healing times.


The Benefits of Oral Surgery

Leaving bits of teeth and roots in can give rise to infections causing pain and swelling. Many patients put off these treatments as they worry they may be long or uncomfortable to have done.

Our expert team will put you at ease and use modern, sensitive techniques to minimise trauma and maximise healing.

Treatment Process


Step One

Complete our contact form to arrange a consultation, or ask your dentist to refer you


Step Two

Attend a consultation where we will discuss all the details of your procedure and take any advanced images we need in order to carry out the assessment effectively


Step Three

Attend for your procedure in line with the pre-operative advice you have been given by your clinician

Frequently Asked Questions

Does having oral surgery hurt?

The procedure itself is pain free as we use local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable. Any surgery can give rise to post operative discomfort. In the case of oral surgery this is usually managed with over the counter pain killers.

My wisdom tooth is impacted, can you help?

Yes we remove impacted teeth.

Can you help exposing or removing teeth as part of my orthodontic treatment?

We work alongside orthodontists to provide surgical exposure of teeth, or removal, in line with your orthodontic plan.