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Procedural Hypnosis At The Abbey

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

This is a technique to help patients use their internal resources and focused attention to have a comfortable experience of any medical or dental procedure they wish to undertake.


What is Procedural Hypnosis?

This is NOT hypnotherapy in its usual sense. We teach a ‘self-hypnosis’ technique to help you to deal with any stresses and anxieties that occur.

This gives the patient a skill they can use on their own for future procedures in any setting. It is a useful asset to have.


The Benefits of Procedural Hypnosis

Having learnt the self hypnosis technique, patients can extend its use to help them:

  • deal with stress and anxieties that occur
  • manage chronic pain
  • improve their compliance with wearing dental, occlusal and sleep apnoea appliances

Treatment Process


Step One

Complete our contact form to arrange a free introductory session


Step Two

Arrange a group or individual appointment to learn the techniques


Step Three

Enjoy reduced anxiety and stress levels in a wide range of situations

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does procedural hypnosis cost?

Initial sessions are £80 and usually two are required. A further two £40 sessions are offered.

Will procedural hypnosis work for everyone?

Patients with dental and medical anxieties often have issues which may be outside Mr Duthie’s area of expertise and these patients can be referred on to Clinical Psychologist and Counselling colleagues.

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